A Happy-Ending Massage like No Other

The room had a perfume that awoke my senses and a scented lighting to top it off. I lay there alone expecting my masseuse to come in at any moment. The moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew I’d be susceptible to her wandering fingers. A yearning to let loose.  We chatted flirtatiously for a few moments and I told her my muscles were a bit tight. She raised one leg as she slipped out of her gown exposing her sexy butt cheeks. When she turned around to approach me, her perky nipples were like saucers of milk yearning to be consumed. I felt my bulge get bigger as she got closer.

She gently lowered herself on the bench and tenderly kissed me on my chest as she reached for the massage oil. Her curled hair tips moved in a rhythmic manner making her appear even sexier. Whenever her steep gaze landed on me, her eyes told a story. A story of lust and seduction. Her lips were wine red as if minutes before she had been feasting on berries. Suddenly, I could feel my body relaxing under her touch as her fingers worked their magic over my body.

I reached out my palm and grabbed her bum in my hand. She was well endowed and I could tell she was enjoying our happy-ending massage. Maybe it was because of the whimpered cry she made when I did this. “I know you can’t wait to see all of me.” She said. Moving her hips in slow circular motions. She swiftly rolled over on top of me and her whole bare body was right in front of me. I could feel her love lips straddling my crotch and I almost went berserk at that moment.

She started riding me gently as she picked up the tempo. On and on it went into a painfully delicious crescendo. It felt like she was trying to tame a wild horse. Her pressure on top of me made me moan out in a sting of arousal. When she threw the small towel that was barely covering me to the ground, I noticed that my tongue wasn’t the only thing that was wet. “More please” I grumbled like a horny teenager.

Our heaving sighs were now so loud, and I soon found myself succumbed to her every touch. She wasn’t done yet. A pair of oily hands disappeared in between my thighs and my gasp was even loude

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