Treatment through body-to-body pleasure

Body massage is one of life’s delicacies – a long-awaited reward at the end of exhausting week, a treat, a de-stressor, a remedy for anxiety, unhappiness and aches. Once a preserve of the rich and influential residents of ancient cities, it still carries the air of sophisticated pleasure, only now a lot more accessible and popular, and within comfortable reach for connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Whole body massage is a renowned and well established method of alleviating body strain and symptoms of mental and physical fatigue. Its effect on the body and mind is immediate and powerful – improved circulation, increased mental focus, a wave of emotional wellbeing.

However, a superior, more advanced, more intimate and personified form of the normal massage treatment is body to body massage. Picture pleasant, relaxing settings in Hong Kong, and then imagine a beautiful masseuse – an attractive and young girl who is not simply a companion with the task to indulge you, but also an accomplished massage practitioner. She is skilful in the body to body technique, and overall an experienced and thorough therapist. The masseuse performs the treatment naked and uses not simply her hands, but her whole wonderfully firm body to rub yours. Creams or oils are applied liberally before the routine, creating smoothness in movements and pleasantly slippery touch. Perfectly oiled and lubricated the masseuse will stroke, knead and fondle your body using her own body to an astonishing erotic effect.

A few factors contribute to the unusually heightened sensation. Firstly, there is closeness and unparalleled personal connection – nothing like the more distant and slightly detached procedure of the standard whole body massage. In addition, the masseuse is in equal measure passionate and measured in her art – she is experienced and fully aware at all times of the rhythm of your body, the pace of your excitement, the accumulation of your lust. She glides all over you and guides your urges effortlessly. She creates powerful erotic build-up using the most intimate parts of her body. She fondles you with her breasts, thighs gap and abdomen. All your sensitive areas will be stimulated – first very gently, then with more desire and more enthusiasm. All your erogenous zones will be stirred and awakened. This persistent sensual touching inevitably creates a stream of sensations. From gentle tingling to waves of excitement, your body will experience the full range of sexual rousing and sumptuous sexual delight. Aroma, light touch, the feeling of the outlines of the masseuse’s youthful beautiful body, her erotically charged moves while she is pressed and moves tightly against you, her strokes and caresses all blend into a wonderful spectacle that is bound to build up your excitement towards a heady release. Aroused and awakened your body will receive the full attention of a beautiful young girl who, once you are ready, will bring you to the culmination of the session in swirls of enjoyment – until you feel completely satisfied and sated. No other standard massage can rival the completeness of body to body conclusion, the potency of the experience based entirely on full personal contact.

It is important to highlight the intimacy of the body to body sequence. For people new to the practice, the massage offers a chance to taste an entirely new way of connecting with a young girl who is not just attractive, sexy and sweet, but also very adapt to reading your impulses and responsive to your body. In the aftermath of the body to body massage people feel not just satisfied and pleasured, but more confident and optimistic, as they have enjoyed not simply the benefits of a rub-down, but a close encounter with a young girl fully responsive to their intimate needs. Today’s lifestyle as a rule provides little likelihood of full relaxation and contentment. It is vital therefore not to ignore our bodies’ needs if we are to retain sanity and health, as well as mental and emotional stability. Body to body massage offers a genuine possibility for pleasure – capture it!