The Hearty Ambience – A Verse of Erotic Massage in Hong Kong

5She walked over the thick pricey crimson carpet with only her bra piece on her body which barely covered her full breasts. She pulled out the roses on the glass bowl in her hand, careful not to damage her long manicured fingernails, and threw them on the bed.

Her black extended lashes blinked slowly giving her a wispy sensual air. She artfully walked across the room, like an orchestrated dance, a symphony of beauty, elegance and grace. A sensual ballet unfolding right before your eyes.

She pulled off the cork from the glass bottle and poured the sensual oils on his shoulder and let it flow gently down his chiseled body then leaned over to massage him from the nape down to the lower back. She pressed her curves on him and let her hands deeply feel his skin. He let out a groan. She began to hum slowly, a sweet, adorable hum of a sensual Thai tune.

Her curves were picture perfect, her full breasts giving way to a narrower waist which flows into a wide hips, giving her body a photogenic sexiness. She leaned over, her pantyhose hose exposing the crack up her lower body as it ran sweetly and disappeared in between her thighs…

Her supple breasts jerked rhythmically as she pushed up and down his body. He stretched out and laid back his head surrendering to the pleasure of her soft fingers.

She walked across the room, dimmed the lighting to a low, switched on the stereo releasing a sweet melodious tunes, then leaned over him, her thighs lying across his body pressing him softly and forcing him to pull his shoulders in and let out an orgasmic breathing. She was a master of her a trade, a world class tantric masseuse.

Her silky flawless skin dripping wet with the sensual oils gave you a deep craving for her touch. Her full bum shook like polythene bags with fluids. She let out a gasp as her thunder thighs jerked above his face. Her light, full lips were sweet and pale covered with a currant lip balm, shone with a shining tinge, they looked romantic, edible. She smiled coyly with a toothy stare, revealing a row of crystal white symmetrical teeth, then dug harder into his inner thighs pressing up, then down, then up his thighs again all the way into his crotch. She kept pressing, disappearing into her trade, making him moan and wish and lie there consumed with a sensual lusty sensation.

She looked down on him revealing a stretched y-like tattoo image on her left leg just above her loins-her birthmark. It made for a beautiful contrast to the warm glow of her skin, like an unfinished piece.