Just a Tease

mmexport1406607676677Feeling easy and relaxed, on the comfy soft bed, everything was all ready and set. I didn’t expect her to be this stunningly gorgeous young. She had this sparkling dark brown lazy eyes that brought out her immense sheen and sexy look. A beautifully aligned small dainty nose and double dimpled cheeks blended perfectly with her small pink and kissable lips. Her small lovable mouth would fold into a charmingly seductive smile revealing well set out sparkle-white teeth, whenever she softly spoke to give me instructions.

Straightening backwards her long, silky mane –like hair that fell to the middle of her back, her large, firm chest made evident by the wide cleavage of her lingerie was exposed. She turned away from me, and tentatively untucked the only button of the pink flowery lingerie, letting it fall all at once. Wow! What a beauty! Her body was well outlined with sexy curves all at the right places. Right from her under arms, caving convex into a thin waist line then curving out down into a voluptuous and bosomy hips.

Her skin was flawless and tan spotless with a tiny red rose flower tattooed on the left side of the back. It glowed in the dimly light of the massage parlor. The way her hips were well formed, bearing a busty sassy and hot ass gave me an instant hard on. The black scanty G-string she was wearing could hardly hold those luscious curves together. Her thighs were sleek and glossy. They evenly preceded long sexy and lithesome legs giving her hourglass demure framework a perfect finishing.

Then she turned slowly to face me, and the beauty that met my eyes is indescribable. Her extremely stunning chest held a multi-dollar pair of boobs. They were damn right gorgeous. So full, busty and enticingly curvaceous. On them, stood perky nipples that seemed so roused. At this point, my hardness jacked with deep wanton desire. Her pretty long arms forged out to press softly on my chest so close to the nipples, as I basked in the awe and sheer softness of her palms.

Her entire body was lithesome and flexible. The easy transition of her bust and upper body down to the navel was perfect and artistic. Her tummy was attractively flat and blended well with her small waistline. Her strong erotic scent of sexiness smelt wild and so alluring. It tingled deep senses inside me. Grabbing and diving into this obscene beauty and attractiveness was something I really struggled to suppress. The sex motions she would make at times as she ran the massage on me felt so explicitly seductive.

The tender feeling of her delicate fingers made imagined how a feel of her entire skin would be. Ridges of the well gorged out juicy labia clearly outlined on the black G-string from inside. It formed a mold, slightly pressed onto by the side her glossy inner thighs.
You know they say being young is beautiful, and this is just one of its finest.