The Deep Silent Moan

Joyce01She patches on a chair in a frost white corduroy court that covers her tight hugging peplum dress. There is something about her. Maybe it is the way she seems so attuned to her world. Maybe it has something to do with the way her white corduroy bends with the rice white seats. Maybe it is the way her skin tone complements the peplum dress that is supposed to be the color of sangria.

This is her workplace, the crimson carpet contrasts with the classic leather seats and the mahogany top table to give the room a soothing medieval feel. She has lain her candles on the table. They are burning simultaneously. One is oyster, another one is tan and a third one is pistachio colored. They all release a thin line of smoke that rises a few feet then gets overwhelmed by the air in the room as they diffuse into the atmosphere within.

She is preparing her massage pallor for the day. Her firm butt bubbles gently as she shifts her weight from one foot to another. She has strong Asian features thanks to her Hong Kong heritage and an underlying Indian gene. Her Hindu genes manifest in her feminine regale, and tempers her otherwise girly yet officious Asian blood. She is exquisite with deep resolute eyes and an easy smile.

Her straight up look and mien betrays her experience and understanding of the male anatomy and the best massage practices. She does it with ease and artistry. Her mastery of pleasure points is expertly. She is profoundly adept at exploring your repressed sensual nudges and release. It’s in her. The line between her skill and herself is blurred by the self-mastery with which she applies the massage to your body.

She deftly navigates your muscles and tendons drawing the desired reaction every time. Once you hop onto that bed you are under her skilled hands. To her, tantric massage is more than a massage, it is about inner beauty, it is about examining your libido. Through it she teaches you to learn sexual restraint and a powerful mastery of your lusty feelings. She teaches you to gently channel your unfulfilled fantasies and erotic longings into a moment defined by bonding and chemistry, dexterity and savoir faire.

For her, tantric massage is about you letting her into your world. It is you allowing her to examine your lusts and insecurities and slowly build your bodily confidence and hope, drawing you away from any sense of insecurities as regards enjoying the pleasure.
In her masseuse prowess, she understand just about every form of sexual insecurities and physical sense of inadequacies that plagues the human body. Her youthful breasts lift up her black vest like pointed knots, eliciting such a sexual attraction about her. You can feel the sexual confidence in her. It is her stock in trade. That bodily energy of charm, relevance and inner piece that she passes on to you in a full bodied massage.